Altanlar is capable of giving calibration services for measuring instruments that are used on board. We are additionally analysing fire fighting foam samples in our recognised laboratory ehere is located in Tuzla, Istanbul. Our calibration and analysis service is open for 24 hours due to the need of time factor in shipping business.

Gas Detector Calibrations

Altanlar, has capable for calibration and repair services for the most of the brands which are used on many vessels on board. We can also supply span calibration gases depending on the gas mixtures for your calibration needs. Our specialists are also available for your fixed gas detection systems calibrations.

Fire Fighting Foam Analysis

We have our foam analysis labratory for making foam sample analysis, according to Solas Msc, 1312 Basicaly to the maker criterias and international standartes. We also carry out the small scale fire tests and chemical stability tests for protein based alchol resistance foams.

Temperature and Pressure Calibration

This calibration service is mainly for UTI, pressure and block calibrators, as well as thermometers and reference gauges... we believe the importance of accurate calibration and qualified measuring equipments.

Water Analysis

We have our water analysis labratory for making water analysis; the determination of disinfectants, dissolved iron, dissolved aluminium, pH-value and ORP/redox-potential.