Based in the port of Tuzla, ALTANLAR provides services on lifeboat & davit & winch and launching appliances, fire fighting & life saving equipments, liferafts, Cargo gear & load test and lab services in Turkey ports and worldwide, via our fully trained, experienced and certified technicians.


We are in position to supply a wide range of marine safety products, such as , fire fighting & life saving equipment, , personnel protective equipment, foam Compounds, BAs, EEBDs, & Lifejacket Lights, medical equipments, portable gas dedectors etc. Additionally; flexible Hoses for CO2 Systems, according to MSC.1/Circ.1318, which have received approval by IACS.

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Our company and our subcontractor companies have the authorization of manufacturers from all liferafts, lifeboat & davit & winch and launching appliances, as well as all class and flags approvals. For this reason, no document sharing was required.